How we helped Tesco

In a deal worth €2 million, Tesco Ireland has embarked on a significant upgrade to its energy infrastructure, which will see it improve the in-store environment, customer experience, drive revenues and cut costs. It is the first company to avail itself of the targeted €70m National Energy Efficiency Fund launched in conjunction with SDCL as part of a national retrofit programme.

Irish energy services company, DCS Electrical (DCS), have retrofitted an initial seven Tesco stores with a follow-on funding commitment for up to 40 stores nationwide. The project replaces existing lighting across Tesco stores with high-efficiency LEDs and has delivered an estimated average annual energy savings of over €540,000.

Energy Minister, Patrick Rabbitte said: “Energy efficiency represents a huge opportunity to stimulate economic activity, employment and improve national competitiveness. Today’s announcement marks an important first step for the Fund, but more importantly says to businesses and public sector bodies – the Fund is open and ready to do business.”

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