SDCL’s energy efficiency project investment funds

SDCL’s investment business is focused on clean energy and energy efficiency project finance. SDCL has established specialist funds in the UK, Ireland and Singapore and is launching new funds in New York and China. SDCL’s funds in each country are in partnership with governments as an investor, promoter or guarantor. The funds invest in energy efficiency retrofit projects and seek a return based on savings achieved. This generates ongoing operational cost savings and carbon emission reductions as well as improvements to productivity and asset values, in compliance with current and prospective building regulations.



Fund Manager - SDCL EE Co (UK) LLP
Key Details
  • UK Energy Efficiency Investments Fund
  • £100+ million including £50 million committed by UK Green Investment Bank
  • Launched September 2012
Investment Focus
  • Buildings Retrofit
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Renewable Heat
  • Urban Infrastructure
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Investment Advisor - Sustainable Development Capital LLP
Key Details
  • Ireland Energy Efficiency Investments Plc
  • €70 million target including up to €35 million from Irish Government
  • Launched May 2014
Investment Focus
  • Public Sector Buildings
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Hotels and Data-centres
  • Street Lighting
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Sustainable Development Capital (Asia) Limited
Key Details
  • Singapore Energy Efficiency Investments Group Limited
  • Up to SGD $200 million in collaboration with Economic Development Board
  • Launched May 2014 see details.
Investment Focus
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Heat Recovery
  • Lighting
  • Industrial Efficiency
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Fund Manager – SDCL EE Co (US) LLC
Key Details
  • US Energy Efficiency Investment Fund
  • Up to USD $80 million
  • Launched Q1 2015
Investment Focus
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Buildings Retrofit
  • Renewables
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We enable energy efficiency projects by overcoming obstacles


We have the investment capital, expertise and partnerships with governments to deliver energy efficient solutions with demonstrable value for money and the highest levels of performance. Our solutions require no up-front capital outlay and result in lower operating costs.

We think about – and invest for – the long term. Our backers include governments, institutions, companies and private investors who understand the long term financial, energy security and environmental benefits of energy demand reduction.


We focus on projects that lower costs and risks, delivering smarter energy solutions and better management and control, reducing maintenance costs and clearing backlogs thereby increasing productivity, profitability and asset values.


Our unique experience in deal structuring and project management, together with our network of world class technology and energy services companies, enable us to arrange turnkey solutions with guaranteed outcomes.

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